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Perth Beach Safety Beach Safety: Perth has a number of beautiful sandy beaches to choose from, and while swimming at Perth's beaches is generally very safe, there are some things you should know, particularly if you have not visited Perth beaches before. Rips and strong currents can develop, and the following tips will help to make your trip to the beach in Perth a fun and safe one.

By following the above guidelines, you can enjoy your time at Perth's wonderful beaches and have a safe fun time in the water.

Sun safety at Perth Beaches Sun Safety: Perth's sunshine attracts many visitors, and you may be tempted to soak up all that wonderful sunshine and get the perfect tan as quickly as possible. But many international visitors, particularly those who are not used to a bright sunny climate, can underestimate the time it takes to overdo it and burn. Simply looking at your skin will not give you an indication of whether you are getting sun burnt, as sunburn can take hours or even longer to fully develop after you have come in out of the sun.

To avoid letting a bad case of sunburn spoil your Perth holiday, follow these simple tips, particularly when spending any length of time at the beach.

Finally, if you do overdo things and get sun burnt, there are treatments available from the nearest chemist or pharmacy which will help reduce the pain and burning that sunburn can cause.


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